“Russian Duke Craves Power in Canada”…

Today the Russian media outlet Pravda published an article titled “Russian Duke Craves Power in Canada”. You can read the article here:


Many Canadians probably don’t know that Mr. Ignatieff admits being “flattered” when addressed using his aristocratic and hereditary title, “Count Michael Ignatieff”.

They also probably don’t know that Mr. Ignatieff admits that his aristocratic and hereditary title was “useful” for social advancement in the United Kingdom. In fact, he made the comments, amazingly, during a Canadian television interview.

Here is the transcript of his exchange with Gaston L’Heureux of Radio Canada:

Segment of Radio-Canada show L’Heure G, broadcast on January 9, 1991 (translation)

Gaston L’Heureux (host): Let’s welcome the author, Count Michael Ignatieff.

Michael Ignatieff steps on the set

GL: Doesn’t it bother you, Michael, that I called you count?

MI: Not at all. I’m flattered.

GL: It’s a hereditary title, isn’t it?

MI: Yes, since my great-grandfather. It’s a little ridiculous to use it in Canada, but I’m flattered.

GL: But in England, with all the peers you find over there, it has got to be useful?

MI: Yes, sometimes.

GL: Except that it’s Russian count, not English count.

MI: Yes, Russian, absolutely.

Michael Ignatieff is a self-identified “cosmopolitan” who admits to being “horribly arrogant”.

We can now begin to flatter him by using his aristocratic and hereditary title.

Count Michael Ignatieff. He’s not in it for Canadians. He just “craves power” for himself.

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