April 14 – One Year Anniversary of Michael Ignatieff’s Tax Hike Promise…

One year ago today, Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff issued his pledge to raise Canadians’ taxes. In a speech to the Cambridge Chamber of Commerce, Ignatieff clearly stated,

“we will have to raise taxes.” ( Waterloo Region Record, Apr. 14, 2009).

Ignatieff couldn’t be clearer about his plans to raise Canadians’ taxes. This is the same Liberal leader who’s on the record stating, “I’m not going to take a GST hike off the table” (CityTV News, Dec. 18, 2008).

This is the same Liberal leader who called himself a “tax and spend Pearsonian, Trudeau Liberal.” (Toronto Star, Dec. 10, 2008)

And this is the same Liberal leader who was among the first Liberals to call for a carbon tax, and who recently proposed imposing job-killing business taxes on Canadians at his Spenders’ Conference.

Ignatieff’s clarion call for higher taxes on Canadians has been joined by Liberal spokespersons like MPs Gerard Kennedy and Mike Savage, and Liberal Senator Colin Kenny. Members of Ignatieff’s so-called “economic braintrust” are also on the record calling for higher taxes, including GST hikes.

While Ignatieff and the Liberals plan all sorts of ways to raise Canadians’ taxes that would hurt our economic recovery, Prime Minister Harper and our Conservative Government are focused on delivering Year 2 of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. We’re taking action both at home and abroad to ensure Canada builds the jobs and growth for today and for the future.

Michael Ignatieff. We can’t afford him. We just can’t.

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