Building a Stronger Canada – Now and for the Future

Today, our Conservative Government unveiled the Speech from the Throne which outlined our Government’s broad agenda for the upcoming session of Parliament. 
We are proud that Canada will emerge from the recession powered by one of the strongest economies in the industrialized world.
Under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, jobs and growth will remain our Government’s top priority. We will focus on implementing year two of Canada’s Economic Action Plan to protect incomes, create jobs, ease credit markets, and help workers and communities get back on their feet.
Recognizing that too many Canadians are still looking for work, our Government will continue to work on job creation and job protection by helping young Canadians entering into today’s job market.
While we remain focused on jobs and growth, we are also planning a return to fiscal balance by winding down stimulus spending and by restraining federal program spending overall while protecting growth in transfers that directly benefit Canadians.
All the while, we will remain focused on building the jobs and industries of the future. We will invest in Canadians’ skills and education; we will keep taxes low; we will open markets to Canadian goods and services; and we will create the conditions for continued success of industries that are the foundation of Canada’s prosperity.
A stronger Canada now means a stronger Canada for the future.

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