Canada’s Leadership in Space

On Thursday, Ministers Gary Goodyear and Josée Verner announced that veteran astronaut Colonel Chris Hadfield will be the first-ever Canadian to command the International Space Station.

Canadians are proud of our accomplishments in space as our country was the third nation in space. Our astronauts have participated in 15 space missions – more than any country other than the United States and Russia. And the world-famous Canadarm was designed, developed and built in Canada. Our achievements serve as inspiration for young Canadians to pursue studies in science and engineering.

Space exploration and development is a strategic asset and absolutely critical to the delivery of some of our Government’s key goals. Under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, Conservatives are taking action for Canada’s sovereignty, safety and security, sustainable management and the development of our natural resources.

To ensure that Canada maintains its strong position in this important field, our Conservative Government is investing $497 million in the Canadian space industry to develop the RADARSAT Constellation Mission, the next generation of advanced radar remote sensing satellites.

The Harper Government is taking action to support space exploration and development because it drives cutting-edge research, promotes technological excellence and strengthens our economy.

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