Canada: A Clean Energy Superpower

On Tuesday, at the World Energy Congress, Canada reinforced its position as an up-and-coming clean energy superpower. Christian Paradis, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, spoke at the Congress in Montreal. He announced our Conservative Government’s significant, long-term investment to support the production of biodiesel, sustain job creation and help stimulate the economy.

Conservatives believe in preserving Canada’s environment without jeopardizing our economy. We recognize that increased usage of biofuels could be helpful in reducing Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions while creating clean energy jobs for today and in the future.

That’s why our Conservative Government is taking action by investing in a project based in Quebec that will convert vegetable oil, cooking oil or animal fat to produce about 40 million litres of biodiesel per year.

That’s also why we have finalized regulations that will require gasoline to include an average annual 5 per cent renewable fuel content by the end of the year.

The Harper Government is helping create a cleaner and greener Canada by investing $1.5 billion over nine years in the ecoENERGY for Biofuels program and $1 billion for the Green Infrastructure Fund. Building on that, these investments will help create and sustain local jobs and economic opportunities across Canada.

These investments are examples of the Conservative commitment to providing additional economic stimulus while promoting a healthier, more sustainable energy future for Canadians.

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