Celebrating choice in childcare

As a result of Conservative action, Canadian families continue to enjoy having choice in childcare, through the $1,200 per year Universal Child Care Benefit.

Unfortunately,  Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals want to remove that choice.  By contrast, our Conservative Government’s Universal Child Care Benefit has been helping Canadian families with $100 per month for every child under six years of age for three years now.

It seems like Ignatieff, by re-introducing an old Liberal scheme, shares the views of a former Liberal Communications Director, who famously told Canadians that he didn’t believe they could be trusted to spend the Universal Child Care Benefit wisely because it would give families money to, “blow on beer and popcorn.”

Our Conservative Government believes that, when it comes to what is best for kids, parents know best. We will continue to provide parents with choice in child care by maintaining the Universal Child Care Benefit.

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