Conservative action for safer communities

Conservative action is delivering safer streets and communities across Canada. We are working to get tough on convicted offenders, whether they are thieves, drug dealers, white collar criminals, gang criminals or murderers.

Now, we are working to improve the parole system in Canada to ensure that convicted criminals aren’t just automatically released before they’ve served their sentence. With the current Accelerated Parole Review system, criminals convicted of serious offences are being released from prison after serving as little as one sixth of their sentence in prison. In many cases, they receive an automatic full parole after serving one third of their sentence.

In fact, right now, criminals that are convicted of trafficking or importing illegal drugs, possessing property obtained through crime, laundering money obtained through crime and producing drugs can be eligible for Accelerated Parole Review.

Protecting communities means ensuring that only criminals deserving of parole are released from prison before they have served out their sentences.

Unfortunately, Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals have not been working to protect Canadians. They have stalled important justice legislation and attempted to gut our Bill to end 2-for-1 and 3-for-1 credit for time served before trial. When the cameras are on, Ignatieff says he supports our tough-on-crime action – but then he plays games behind the scenes with our legislation. That’s because he’s not in it for Canadians, he’s only in it for himself.

Canadians can count on our Conservative government to continuing working toward safer communities.

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