Conservative Action to Fix Canada’s Broken Asylum System

On Tuesday, Jason Kenney, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, introduced legislation that will bring reform to Canada’s Asylum System and fairness to those genuinely seeking shelter from conflict and oppression. 
Canadians can be proud that our country has one of the most generous refugee systems in the world. In fact we’ve given shelter to over one million refugees since World War II.
Unfortunately, as Canada makes an effort to provide refuge for those who need it, there are many who try and take advantage of the generosity of Canadians. This puts us in danger of creating a two-tiered system: one for those who patiently wait in line to come to Canada and another for those who jump the line, thinking they can play the system to their own advantage.
The result is an overburdened system with a backlog of people who are claiming asylum.
Our Conservative Government is addressing this inequality by proposing legislation that will:
  • Result in faster decisions and quicker removals of failed claims;
  • Depoliticize the process through which claims are heard; and
  • Deliver balanced reform to increase help for those who genuinely need it.
Refugees who have legitimate reasons to come to Canada deserve to be supported during their transition. That’s why our Government is also proposing to invest in increased help for genuine refugees who come to Canada through government or private sponsorship programs. 
By fixing our broken system here in Canada we can effectively increase the generosity of our overseas system. 
Our Conservative Government is working hard to fix our broken asylum system to help ensure that genuine refugees can find asylum in Canada faster and more efficiently. 

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