Conservative Action to Make Parliament More Accountable to Canadians

On Monday, Stockwell Day, President of the Treasury Board and Canada’s Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, announced that new rules are now officially in effect to extend the lobbying limitations of the Harper Government’s Accountability Act to ­all members of Parliament, Senators and senior staff in the offices of the Leader of the Opposition, both in the House of Commons and the Senate.

Since elected in 2006, our Government has been taking action to increase accountability and transparency for Canadian taxpayers. After the Liberal sponsorship scandal severely undermined public confidence in the government of the day, our newly-elected Conservative Government followed through with tough new legislation in the Accountability Act. Among others, our reforms modified the financing of political parties, banned secret donations to political candidates, and required that lobbyist contact with Ministers and their staff be recorded.

With today’s announcement, we are levelling the playing field for all parliamentarians and their senior staff. We are building on our previous action by expanding the Accountability Act to include all Parliamentarians, Senators and senior staff personnel on the list of public office holders, along with Ministers ministerial staff, who are subject to the prohibitions on lobbying and requirements for reporting by lobbyists.

Our Conservative Government is making a difference for Canadian families, workers and small business-people. We are working to deliver a Parliament that is fully accountable to them, and not special interest groups.

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