Conservative Action to Modernize Canada’s Copyright Law

On Wednesday, Tony Clement, Minister of Industry, and James Moore, Minister of Canadian Heritage and Official Languages, announced the introduction of legislation to modernize Canada’s Copyright Act.

Our Conservative Government recognizes that the current copyright laws are out of date. These laws were designed in the 1980s – an era of vinyl records and cassette tapes, when a home computer was an object of curiosity and the Internet was not widely accessible.

Current laws don’t reflect the enormous technological developments that have taken place around the world since then, and common sense tells us that this needs to be changed – Canada’s laws need to reflect new technologies.

With Wednesday’s announcement, our Conservative Government is fulfilling a promise to introduce a bill that protects and creates jobs, modernizes Canadian copyright law, promotes innovation, and attracts new investment to Canada.

We are working for both users and creators by making our proposed legislation technology-neutral. This will make it flexible and adaptable to change while ensuring appropriate protection for both sides. Canadian consumers will be able to make the most of new technologies, and creators will be fairly compensated for their work.

Our Conservative Government is basing our legislation on common sense. It will make Canada’s copyright laws flexible, forward-looking, and in line with international standards.

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