Conservative Leadership on Fighting Nuclear Terrorism

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Washington, D.C. attending Day Two of the Nuclear Security Summit urging world leaders to expand a Canadian-led nuclear security program.
In today’s world, nuclear terrorism is a significant threat to global security. It is essential that we have world-wide cooperation in order to prevent nuclear materials from falling into the hands of terrorists.
That is why our Conservative Government is taking action to reduce the threat of nuclear terrorism.
Under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Harper, our country is demonstrating leadership in promoting international cooperation for nuclear safety. This has been described as Canada’s greatest diplomatic success to date.
To help ensure the safety of Canadians and others around the world, we are working with like-minded countries to help ensure that all nuclear materials are secured. We are strengthening non-proliferation and disarmament efforts and promoting the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. 
Our Conservative Government is working hard to ensure a safer, more secure world for our children and grandchildren.

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