Conservative tax cuts attract Tim Hortons back to Canada

As the global recession continues to challenge the world’s economies, our Conservative government is making Canada a better place to do business. And we’re already seeing the results.

As a direct result of Conservative action to cut corporate taxes, Tim Hortons — perhaps Canada’s best known coffee shop — is announcing that they will be moving their head office to Canada. Tim Hortons’ choice to make Canada their new base of operations will not only create new jobs and generate economic activity, but it also sends a clear message to other companies around the globe: Canada is a great place to do business.

Since first taking office, our Conservative government has been working to lower tax rates on businesses of all sizes. We’ve also worked to decrease the red tape burden on businesses, meaning they will spend less time filling out forms and more time focused on growing their business.

Put together, this means our government’s action is helping to create an environment that attracts businesses to Canada. We are on track to have the lowest overall tax rate on new business investment in the G7 by next year. By 2012, we will have reduced our federal corporate tax rate from 22% to 15%.

As part of Canada’s Economic Action Plan, our Conservative government is helping to create new jobs for Canadian workers by creating an attractive environment to do business in Canada.

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