Conservatives Are Defending Canada’s Northern Sovereignty

On day three of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s annual tour of Canada’s North, the Prime Minister visited Operation NANOOK in Resolute Bay, Nunavut. This operation is a major sovereignty exercise conducted by the Canadian Armed Forces, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Coast Guard and other government departments and agencies. Prime Minister Harper also addressed members of the Canadian Forces before travelling to Inuvik, Northwest Territories.

Conservatives believe that the integrity of Canada’s borders is the first and foremost responsibility of a national government. Our Conservative Government is committed to strongly asserting Canadian sovereignty throughout Canada’s Arctic.

The strategic importance of Canada’s Arctic is growing, which is why the work undertaken by Operation NANOOK is more valuable now than ever before. Countries around the globe are showing more interest in the Arctic and its rich resource potential. With new trade routes opening up, we must continue to promote Canada’s sovereignty while strengthening the safety and security of Canadians living in our High Arctic.

Operation NANOOK is part of our Government’s ambitious four-part Northern Strategy to assert and defend Canada’s sovereignty; to protect the unique and fragile Arctic ecosystem; to develop a strong Northern economy; and to encourage good governance, local control, and opportunity for Northerners.

Prime Minister Harper has made the North a priority for our Conservative Government because it is a priority for Canadians.

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