Conservatives are Keeping Canada’s CF-18 Fighters Action-Ready

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that our Conservative Government will extend the contract to maintain Canada’s fleet of 78 CF-18 fighter jets until Canada’s next generation fighter capability becomes operational. Peter MacKay, Minister of National Defence joined the Prime Minister at the announcement.

The men and women of the Canada’s Armed Forces risk their lives every day defending our sovereignty at home and performing missions abroad. That’s why Conservatives are committed to providing the Canadian Armed Forces with the tools and equipment needed to get the job done.

For the better part of three decades, the CF-18s have provided excellent and reliable service defending Canadian skies. Since 1982 Canada’s squadron of CF-18s has played key roles in patrolling Canadian airspace, as well as contributing to Canada’s international commitments abroad.

Our Government is continuing to stand up for the Armed Forces by laying the groundwork for procurement of the next generation of fighter jets. At the same time, we must ensure our CF-18s can continue to do the job we need them to do until the F-35s are ready to fly.

Today’s announcement delivers secure jobs and extensive economic benefits to the greater Montreal area. It is also another example of our commitment to ensure best value and results for Canadians.

Through the Canada First Defence Strategy, our Conservative Government is providing our Armed Forces with the right equipment to do the difficult and demanding jobs Canadians ask them to do.

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