Conservatives are protecting the privacy of Canadians

Today, Canada’s Minister of Industry, Tony Clement, expressed our government’s fair and reasonable approach to replacing the mandatory census with a voluntary national survey.

Our Conservative Government believes Canadians shouldn’t be compelled to give up extensive private and personal information under the threat of fines or even jail time.

The Liberals and their Coalition partners, however, think Canadians should be branded as criminals and sent to jail for not divulging how many bedrooms we have in our homes or the time we leave for work in the morning.

Instead, Canadians deserve a choice. The new National Household Survey will ask the same questions and collect the same data that would have been provided through mandatory long-form census. The difference is that the new National Household Survey is voluntary and provides Canadians with the freedom to share personal information or not.

Our Conservative Government’s fair and reasonable approach finds a better balance between collecting necessary data and protecting the privacy of Canadians.

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