Conservatives are Taking Action to Celebrate Canada’s Seniors

On Wednesday, Minister of State Diane Ablonczy and Senator Suzanne Fortin-Duplessis announced that our Conservative Government is taking action to recognize Canadian seniors with a National Seniors Day.

Conservatives recognize the lifetimes of hard work that seniors have contributed to make Canada what it is today. Seniors deserve our thanks.

That’s why our Government has a long record of standing up for Canadian seniors, including:

  • Providing real tax relief by increasing the Age Credit;
  • Putting an end to the unfair tax treatment of Canadians receiving U.S. Social Security; and
  • Protecting the financial security of Canadian seniors by introducing income splitting.

Our Government is continuing to take steps to recognize and support our seniors by tabling the Celebrating Canada’s Seniors Act. This will give all Canadians the chance to honour those who contribute so much to Canada’s past, present and future.

We will celebrate this day every October 1st, coinciding with the UN’s International Day of Older Persons.

Seniors helped build our great country. National Seniors Day is one more example of our Conservative Government’s commitment to Canada’s seniors.

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