Conservatives are Taking Action to Protect Canadian Water

On Thursday, Lawrence Cannon, Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, introduced legislation to protect Canada’s water supply by prohibiting bulk removals from freshwater basins.

In this year’s Speech from the Throne, our Conservative Government made a commitment to protect Canada’s precious water supply. Our Government is delivering on that commitment by introducing the Boundary and Transboundary Waters Treaty Act.

Our Government is taking action by protecting Canada’s water from bulk removal outside the country.

Our legislation would create new powers for inspection and enforcement and would introduce tough new penalties for violations, including multi-million-dollar fines for any corporate violations.

We are expanding protection so that rivers and streams that cross the border will now fall under the same protection that is already in place for waters that straddle the border, like the Great Lakes.

Through this legislation, our Conservative Government is making it clear that Canadian water is not a commodity, and is not for sale. Conservatives are standing up for Canada.

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