Conservatives Continue to Deliver on Free Trade

On Wednesday, Peter Van Loan, Canada’s Minister of International Trade, introduced legislation which would implement the Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement. Minister Van Loan is following through on a commitment made last week in our Conservative Government’s Speech from the Throne.
To broaden our engagement with Colombia, our Government has also introduced parallel labour and environment agreements.
This Free Trade Agreement will give Canadians access to an emerging market of 45 million people with the potential for high growth.
Our Government is working to give our exporters greater market access for products such as wheat, barley, paper products and heavy equipment. It will also give Canadians more opportunity for direct investment, especially in mining, oil exploration, printing and education.
The Canada-Colombia Free Trade Agreement is just one of eleven Free Trade Agreements that our Conservative Government is pursuing or has completed, including countries as diverse as Jordan, Peru, Panama and the European Free Trade Association (Iceland, Norway, Switzerland and Liechtenstein).
Protectionism clearly threatens the long-term economic recovery of Canada and of the entire world. That’s why our Conservative Government is committed and focused on opposing protectionism and defending free trade – so that Canadian workers and businesses can continue to demonstrate that they are among the best in the world. 

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