Conservatives continuing to focus on jobs and growth

Today, Stockwell Day, the President of the Treasury Board, and Denis Lebel, Minister of State for the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec, brought attention to our Conservative Government’s continued focus on creating jobs and economic growth for Canadians.

From coast to coast to coast, Canadians can see positive signs of recovery. With economic growth in ten of the last twelve months and 400,000 jobs created across Canada since July 2009, Canada is living up to its description by the Economist magazine as an “economic star.”

However, Canada is not an island and we are not immune to the economic instability of other countries.

That’s why our Conservative Government will continue to focus on creating and protecting jobs while helping communities and workers that were most affected by the global economic recession. We are keeping taxes low to encourage new businesses to invest in Canada and are helping to open new markets for Canadian businesses. We will continue to keep a lid on government spending while respecting provincial transfer payments ensuring funding for important services for Canadians like pensions, health and education. And our Government will work toward returning to balanced budgets by winding down stimulus spending as planned.

Compare that to the Liberals in the 1990s who slashed and burned funding to the provinces or Michael Ignatieff’s tax hike plan which experts say will cost Canada 400,000 jobs and stop Canada’s economic recovery in its tracks. Canada cannot afford such a plan.

While Ignatieff and the Liberals plan ways to raise your taxes, our Conservative Government is keeping its focus on jobs and growth to benefit all Canadians.

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