Conservatives Help Deliver Safer Communities

On Wednesday, Vic Toews, Canada’s Minister of Public Safety, and Member of Parliament Steven Blaney announced that the Harper Government is investing in the expansion of three prisons in the greater Kingston area and three more in the Laval area.

Conservatives believe that the rights of criminals should not take precedence over the rights of victims; that law abiding Canadians should feel safe in their homes, streets and communities; and that dangerous criminals should be kept behind bars – where they belong.

Our Government is proud to be on the side of law-abiding citizens and the side of victims who want justice. In short, we are proud to be taking action for a safer Canada.

In contrast, the reckless Ignatieff-led Coalition believes in standing up for dangerous criminals. Rather than keeping real criminals in jail, the Coalition believes they should be let out without paying their debt to society in full – even before victims receive the justice they are owed for the crimes committed against them and their families.

Unlike Ignatieff and his NDP-Bloc Québécois Coalition partners, our Conservative Government understands that a safe, secure and just society is an investment worth making.

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