Conservatives Keep Economic Growth a Top Priority

On Thursday, Minister’s Baird and Lebel outlined our Conservative Government’s objectives and priorities for the fall parliamentary session – reinforcing economic growth as our number one priority.

With help from Canada’s Economic Action Plan, Canadians across the country are recovering from the economic downturn. But while many are getting back on their feet, the recovery is still fragile. That’s why economic growth remains the top priority of Canadians and our Conservative Government. Since last July, we have helped create close to 430,000 new jobs, and we are continuing to focus on maintaining jobs, security and prosperity for families and communities.

The creativity, ingenuity and common-sense of entrepreneurs, small business owners and hard-working families are the driving force behind Canada’s long-term prosperity.

Over the coming months, our Government’s actions will be guided by three bold principles:

  • Supporting job creation and economic growth;
  • Keeping our communities, streets and families safe from terrorism and crime; and
  • Mapping the path to economic recovery, re-growth and jobs for Canadians.

The Harper Government believes in the Canadian people. That’s why we will seek the wisdom and guidance of Canadians in crafting the next phase of our Economic Action Plan for Canada. The stakes remain high, and now more than ever, we must make the right decisions in order to map out the long term direction of the Canadian economy.

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