Conservatives protecting our youth against drugs

On Tuesday, our Conservative Government introduced new action to help keep children safe from illicit drugs in Canada.

The “Drugs Not-for-Me” campaign is the youth component of our National Anti-Drug Strategy. The campaign is an effort to prevent kids from using drugs.

In 2007, our Conservative Government launched the National Anti-Drug Strategy to create tougher circumstance for drug dealers, while being more compassionate towards victims. The strategy also focuses on the prevention of drug use among Canadians, as well as innovative and effective treatment of those with an addiction.

This new youth component aims at educating kids on the dangers of drugs, and encourages them to turn their backs on drug use. The new strategy includes TV ads, a website – – and other media geared toward Canada’s youth.

This campaign is the right step towards keeping our children safer, and it’s not the only work our Conservative Government has been doing on the issue.

Unfortunately, our previous action to crack down on drug dealers who target kids, or who sell drugs near where children play, was gutted by Michael Ignatieff’s unelected Liberal Senators.

Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals claim to share Canadians concerns about drugs, but when the cameras are off they gut, derail, delay or block urgently-needed legislation that will help keep Canadians and their families safe.

For too long in Canada, Liberal governments have sent mixed messages on drugs to Canadians.

Our Conservative Government’s message is clear: drugs are dangerous and destructive. We will always work for the safety and well being of Canadians and their families.

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