Conservatives Stand up for Victims and Get Tough on Crime

On Monday, Rob Nicholson, Canada’s Minister of Justice and Attorney-General, highlighted our Conservative Government’s commitment to fighting organized crime and helping ensure our justice system serves victims and all Canadians fairly and efficiently.

Canadians believe in the rule of law and respect for the law. That’s why our Government is taking action to maintain confidence in our justice system. That means delivering justice swiftly and efficiently and cutting down on long, drawn-out trials.

‘Mega-trials’ deal with serious offences such as organized crime, gang-related activity and terrorism. Proceedings can be exceptionally long because they often involve many defendants, multiple charges, complex evidence, and lengthy investigations.

These trials sometimes force victims to wait too long for justice. That isn’t right.

Our Conservative Government has made significant progress, developing proposals that would make mega-trials more efficient. Conservatives believe that the rights of victims should always be put ahead of the so-called rights of criminals. We want organized crime groups, gangs and terrorists to face justice swiftly and efficiently while ensuring fairness for victims and all Canadians.

Criminal gangs depend on the revenue they receive from large-scale illegal gambling, prostitutions rings, and certain drug-related offences to fund their vast and violent operations. That’s why we are continuing to take action against organized crime. Our Government recently announced tough new regulations to make crimes typically associated with these gangs ‘serious-offences’ under the Criminal Code.

The victims of crime must never be left behind. Conservatives continue to stand up for victims and we were pleased to appoint former Ottawa Deputy Police Chief, Sue O’Sullivan as the Federal Ombudsman for Victims of Crime. Today, she begins her important work on behalf of victims in this new position.

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