Conservatives Stand Up for Victims of White-Collar Crime

On Monday, Canada’s Minister of Justice, Rob Nicholson, and Natural Resources Minister, Christian Paradis, announced legislation to establish mandatory jail time for fraud over $1 million and to help ensure the voices of victims are heard when white-collar criminals are sentenced to jail.

Since taking office in 2006, our Conservative Government has been taking action to get tough on crime through tougher sentencing for criminals and more resources for law enforcement.

Our Government is building on our previous action by standing up for victims of white-collar crime. We have listened to Canadians’ concerns and our Government is working hard to crack down on fraud.

Our proposed legislation would:

  • help ensure mandatory jail time for fraud over $1 million by creating a mandatory minimum sentence of two years for white-collar fraud;
  • add new aggravating factors to toughen sentences – factors such as the impact on the victim and the magnitude of the fraud;
  • require judges in all fraud cases to consider demanding offenders make restitution to their victims; and
  • allow affected groups to submit Community Impact Statements to the court.

White-collar crimes can have a devastating impact on individuals and communities, as we have recently seen. That is why our Conservative Government is taking action to support victims – helping them seek restitution and ensuring their voices are heard.

Our Conservative Government is taking action to help ensure Canada’s justice system puts the rights of victims and law-abiding citizens ahead of the rights of criminals.

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