Conservatives Take Action to Crack Down on Crooked Immigration Consultants

On Tuesday, Jason Kenney, Canada’s Minister of Citizenship and Immigration introduced legislation to protect those who desire to become Canadians from the dishonest and unscrupulous action of crooked immigration consultants.

For thousands of people around the world, Canada is the destination of choice to build a better life for themselves and their families. While our Conservative Government treats all immigration applicants equally, many choose to use the services of an immigration consultant to assist with the application process.

Although most immigration consultants are honest and legitimate, some crooked consultants take advantage of would-be Canadians for their personal financial gain. That’s why our Conservative Government is taking action to crack down on crooked immigration consultants who prey on vulnerable would-be Canadians.

Tuesday’s proposed legislative changes would ensure that only authorized consultants could charge a fee to give advice. The current laws fail to cover the time period before an application is submitted to the government. Our proposed changes would make dishonest actions of immigration consultants in this time period against the law.

To better protect would-be Canadians from dishonest consultants, our proposed changes would also give the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration the authority to designate and establish a new oversight relationship with a body to oversee immigration consultants.

Canadians know that our country is the most peaceful, prosperous, and pluralistic country in the world.  The contributions of new Canadians to our communities cannot be measured. Our Conservative Government is therefore taking action to help protect those who aspire to make a better life here in Canada.

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