Conservatives Take Action to Eliminate Pardons for Serious Crimes

On Tuesday, Vic Toews, Minister of Public Safety, and Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu announced important new legislation to eliminate pardons for serious crimes.

Currently, pardons are granted almost automatically. This system implies that the offence of a serious criminal is now excused or that the harm done to victims has been eliminated.

This is not justice.

That is why our Conservative Government is taking action to eliminate pardons for serious crimes, and putting the rights of victims ahead of the rights of criminals.

Our Government’s proposed legislation would:

  • Eliminate ‘pardons’ and replace with a more restrictive and narrowly worded ‘record suspension’;
  • Make those convicted of sexual offences against minors ineligible for a record suspension;
  • Make those who have been convicted of more than three indictable offences ineligible for a record suspension; and
  • Increase the period of ineligibility for a record suspension – to five years for summary conviction offences, and ten years for indictable offences.

Additionally, our legislation sets out firm conditions that must be met by the applicant. The legislation would also require the National Parole Board to submit a detailed report each year regarding the number of applicants and the number of record suspensions granted.

These changes will increase confidence in the criminal justice system, provide greater justice for victims and their families and help protect Canadian communities.

With these changes, Canada’s Conservatives are once again standing up for victims of crime.

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