Conservatives Take Action to End Entitlements for Prisoners

On Tuesday, Diane Finley, Canada’s Minister of Human Resources & Skills Development, and Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu took steps to eliminate government entitlements for certain prisoners.

Our Conservative Government believes that Canadians who work hard, contribute to the system, and play by the rules deserve government benefits such as Old Age Security. It is wrong and obviously unfair that prisoners who broke the rules receive the same entitlements as law-abiding Canadians.

Mass murderer Clifford Olson, a man who murdered 11 children, is receiving government entitlements even though he forever altered the lives of his victims’ families, and traumatized the communities where he committed his dreadful crimes.

This is offensive to Canadians across the country, our Conservative Government and our Prime Minister. Moreover, it is deeply insulting to the victims of his heinous crimes and their families.

Our Conservative Government’s proposed changes will ensure mass murderers like Clifford Olson do not receive entitlements while in jail.

Implementation will begin with inmates who are incarcerated in federal prisons for two years or more. We will work with the provinces and territories to continue implementation in institutions for criminals serving sentences of greater than 90 days.

Our Conservative Government believes that the rights of victims should be put ahead of the rights of criminals. We are taking action to put an end to entitlements for prisoners and ensure that only those Canadians who have spent their lives working hard and playing by the rules receive the benefits they deserve.

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