Conservatives take Action to Enhance Safety and Security in the Online Marketplace

On Tuesday, Tony Clement, Canada’s Minister of Industry and Denis Lebel, Minister of State, announced two important steps our Conservative Government is taking to enhance the safety and security of the online marketplace. By introducing amendments to legislation protecting the personal information of Canadians and reintroducing anti-spam legislation in the House of Commons, our Government is taking important steps to position Canada as a leader in the digital economy.

Our Conservative Government believes Canadian shoppers should feel just as confident in the electronic marketplace as they do at the corner store.

That’s why our Government is introducing measures that will empower and better protect consumers while ensuring that Canadian businesses can continue to compete in the global marketplace.

At the very best, “spam” is a nuisance, but at worst, it discourages the use of electronic commerce, undermines privacy and represents a host of other online threats including identity theft and fraud. It is also a significant expense for businesses that must use precious resources to minimize the security risks associated with spam.

Our Government believes that Canadians’ personal information should be no less secure when shared online than anywhere else.

We have been taking action to keep Canadians safe and secure since first elected in 2006. With these two additional pieces of legislation, our Conservative Government is continuing to work towards a safer and more secure online environment for both consumers and businesses.

This year is Canada’s year to lead on the world stage and our new legislation is essential in positioning Canada as a leader in the digital economy.

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