Conservatives Take Action to Protect Canadian Children from Online Sexual Predators

On Thursday, Rob Nicholson, Canada’s Minister of Justice, and Senator Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu announced legislation to require suppliers of Internet services to report online child pornography to authorities.

Our Conservative Government is committed to protecting Canadian children from dangerous sexual predators. We have already introduced legislation to strengthen the National Sex Offender Registry. Today’s legislation announced the next step in our Government’s efforts to help fight sexual exploitation of children.

To better protect our children and communities, this bill would require suppliers of Internet services to report to a designated agency tips they receive from the public regarding child pornography on the web.

Our Government’s legislation would also require suppliers to notify police and safeguard evidence when they believe a child pornography offence has been committed using an Internet service they provide.

Currently, such actions are voluntary. The bill would set graduated fines for failure to comply, and even possible jail time for repeated offences.

The safety of our children is important to all Canadians. The mandatory reporting regime across Canada, proposed by our Conservative Government, will strengthen our ability to protect our children from online sexual predators. It will help authorities to rescue young victims, and prosecute the criminals responsible.

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