Conservatives Take Action to Strengthen Ties with Our Continental Neighbours

On Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Canada and Mexico have agreed to greater cooperation on air transport, youth mobility and anti-crime capacity building. This announcement took place during a visit to Ottawa by Felipe Calderón, President of Mexico. The two leaders also agreed to a Joint Action Plan that provides a framework for moving our relationship forward.

Canada and Mexico are close friends and neighbours and we are proud to be strategic partners on North American, hemispheric and global issues.

Canada and Mexico have a unique relationship that is broad and multi-faceted. We have longstanding cooperation in many areas including trade and investment, security, mobility, governance, health, labour, environment and energy. 

The initiatives signed on Thursday demonstrate how Prime Minister Stephen Harper and our Conservative Government are committed to deepening our relations with Mexico in a wide number of areas that will be of great benefit to citizens in both countries.

Under the strong leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Conservative Government is setting the stage for the next decade of growth and cooperation between our two countries.

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