Conservatives Take Action to Tackle Auto Theft and Property Crime

On Tuesday, Rob Nicholson, Canada’s Minister of Justice, and Conservative Member of Parliament Steven Blaney announced legislation to tackle property crime, including the serious crimes of auto theft and trafficking in property obtained by crime.

Nearly 146,000 vehicles are stolen in Canada annually at a cost of over $1 billion each year. Even worse, the dangerous driving sometimes associated with auto theft threatens the safety of our streets in communities across Canada.

That’s why our Conservative Government is taking action to protect the property and safety of hard-working, law-abiding Canadians.

Once adopted by Parliament, our legislation will:

  • Create a specific offence of ‘motor vehicle theft,’ a specific offence of VIN-tampering, and a general offence to address all forms of trafficking in property obtained by crime;
  • Allow the  Canadian Border Services Agency to investigate, identify and detain imported vehicles or vehicles about to be exported; and
  • For a third and subsequent conviction of motor vehicle theft, an offender would face mandatory jail time of at least six months, when the prosecutor proceeds by indictment.

Our Government’s legislation will help make Canadian communities safer by giving law enforcement and prosecutors new tools to deal with repeat offenders and to combat those who participate in criminal marketing chains.

Roughly one in five cases of auto theft is the work of organized crime. By cracking down on auto theft, our Conservative Government is disrupting the criminal enterprises that make gangs and organized crime profitable.

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