Conservatives Taking Action for Farm Families in Western Canada

On Thursday, Canada’s Minister of Agriculture, Gerry Ritz; along with Minister of State Jean-Pierre Blackburn and Ministers from Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta, together announced vital help for hard-hit Prairie farmers and producers affected by recent flooding.

Rain or shine, Canada’s farmers and producers work hard to deliver results for fellow Canadians and consumers around the world. However, in recent weeks, floods in the Canadian Prairies have devastated farm families, leaving many without crops to harvest and others unable to even seed the land this year.

To see firsthand the devastating conditions that Prairie farmers are trying to overcome, Prime Minister Stephen Harper, together with Premier Brad Wall and other officials, is touring flood-stricken areas of Saskatchewan today.

In Saskatchewan alone, the flooding has caused more than 70 communities to declare states of emergency.

That’s why our Conservative Government is working with the Prairie provinces to deliver the fastest and largest AgriRecovery response ever. We are providing relief to farmers and producers who have been hard-hit by the heavy rains and floods through a direct payment of $30 per acre to help protect, rehabilitate and manage affected cropland.

Agricultural programs are the first line of defence for Canadian farmers so it makes sense to build upon them. Our Conservative Government is taking action to help bring faster relief to farmers who must deal with the realities of today, while still planning for a successful planting season next year.

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