Conservatives Taking Action to Deliver the Tools our Troops Need

On Friday, Minister of National Defence, Peter MacKay, Minister of Public Works, Rona Ambrose and Minister of Industry, Tony Clement, together with Parliamentary Secretary Jacques Gourde, announced that our Conservative Government is investing in new Joint Strike Fighter F-35 aircraft as part of our commitment to deliver the tools our troops need to get the job done.

Every day, our brave men and women in uniform risk their lives to keep Canadians safe at home and contribute to security and stability around the world.

Incredibly, the Liberals are threatening to break the F-35 contract, just as they ripped up a contract to purchase EH 101 helicopters two decades ago and never replaced the aging Sea Kings, despite good economic times.

Unlike the previous Liberal government, which sent our troops to Afghanistan in jungle-green camouflage uniforms, our Conservative Government is standing up for our soldiers, sailors and airmen and women, and rebuilding the Canadian Forces after the Liberal Decade of Darkness.

The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter will strengthen the Canadian Forces ability to defend Canada’s airspace, and it will provide vital air support wherever Canada asks our troops to go. It is – hands down – the best aircraft we can provide our men and women in uniform.

Our Conservative Government is also investing in two new ships to support the Canadian Navy. These new ships will help our sailors carry out important tasks at home and abroad and allow the Navy to remain at sea for longer without going to shore for replenishment. And since the new ships will be built in Canada, this investment will create jobs for Canadians in shipyards across the country.

While the Liberals threaten a second Decade of Darkness, our Conservative Government will continue to take action to support our brave soldiers, sailors and airmen and women.

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