Conservatives working towards recovery

Statistics Canada is reporting that retail sales in July were relatively flat, with a 0.1% decline. While our economy continues to improve, the global recession is not over and there is more still to be done.

However, there was good news for hardware and building supply stores, where sales increased by 1% in July. Experts say this rise is likely due to the Conservative government’s popular Home Renovation Tax Credit. Through the HRTC, Canadians can get up to $1,350 back on their tax return for eligible home improvements completed before February 1st, 2010.

While we are still experiencing challenging times due to the global recession, encouraging news includes:

  • New home construction up by 12% in August
  • 27,000 jobs created in August
  • Canada’s economy grew by 0.1% in June

What does this mean?

It means Canada’s Economic Action Plan is working. Our Conservative government is continuing to deliver support that is helping to create and protect jobs, as well as to support vulnerable families. Just recently, we have introduced new legislation that would make long-tenured workers who have lost their jobs eligible for between 5 and 20 weeks of additional benefits while they re-train or search for their next challenge. It also means that Canada’s recovery is still fragile. Stability and staying the course is more important than ever.

Despite all the good work that it is doing for the Canadian economy, last week Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals voted against the recession-fighting Home Renovation Tax Credit; a credit that thousands of Canadians across the country are counting on. While our government got the job done and passed the tax credit, why would Michael Ignatieff vote against a measure that is delivering real help for Canadians? Why would he continue to push for an election that Canadians don’t need or want, and which would put our economic recovery at risk?

The answer is clear. He’s not in it for Canadians. He’s only in it for himself.

Our Conservative government is fighting the recession. Michael Ignatieff and the Liberals are fighting our recovery.

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