Fairness at the Pumps for Canadian Consumers

Earlier today, our Conservative Government introduced the Fairness at the Pumps Act as part of our commitment to protect Canadian consumers.

At a time when families are trying to make every dollar count, it’s estimated that Canadian consumers receive millions of dollars less gas than what they actually pay for at the pumps.

This is unacceptable.  When Canadians pull into a gas station to fill up, they expect that what’s on the pump is what they’re paying for in their gas tank.

And that’s why our Conservative Government is taking action to protect Canadian consumers from paying more than they should.

Not only will our Fairness at the Pumps Act require retailers to have the accuracy of their machines and pumps checked on a regular basis by independent inspectors, but it also brings in the possibility of court-imposed fines and a formal penalties system for those who break the law.

Today’s action to provide Canadians peace of mind at the gas pumps sends a clear message to businesses that what Canadians pay for should be what they get.

And it once again demonstrates that Canadian consumers can count on our Conservative Government to stand up for them when it matters.

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