Ignatieff’s Liberals gut Conservative crime bill

Tonight, Michael Ignatieff’s own unelected, unaccountable Liberal Senators have, once again, weakened the Conservative Government’s action to get tough on crime.

We have always known that Michael Ignatieff was soft on crime. Now he’s proven it.

Once again, Ignatieff’s Liberals have put the interests of criminals that sell drugs to kids ahead of victims.

Bill C-15 would have cracked down on criminals, ensuring mandatory jail time for serious drug offences that involve organized crime, violence, or preying on youth.

When the cameras are rolling, Ignatieff wants you to believe that he is tough on crime. But when push comes to shove, Canadians can’t count on him to protect their safety. After months of Liberal stalling and delays, Ignatieff’s Liberals have gutted our Conservative Bill and put children’s safety at risk.

Canadians are fed up with unelected Liberal Senators doing Ignatieff’s dirty work and standing in the way of action to protect victims and get tough on dangerous criminals.

Michael Ignatieff needs to explain to Canadians why his own unelected, Liberal Senators gutted this important piece of anti-crime legislation and instruct the unelected Liberal Senators to reverse these changes – Canadians expect nothing less.

This once again proves that Michael Ignatieff is not sincere in fighting crime. He’s not in it for Canadians. He’s only in it for himself.

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