Ignatieff’s Liberals Threaten to Delay Conservative Action on Crime

Once again, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are showing Canadians that they put the interests of criminals ahead of law abiding citizens.
In today’s National Post, Michael Ignatieff’s Justice critic Dominic LeBlanc clearly threatened that the Liberals will delay our Conservative Government’s important crime bills in the upcoming session of Parliament.
LeBlanc was also critical of our Government’s attempt to make tough laws clearer to Canadians by giving them meaningful titles. Our Government makes no apologies for trying to engage Canadians and informing them of our important justice initiatives.
Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals want Canadians to believe that they are tough on crime. But when it comes down to supporting important crime legislation, we can’t count on them to protect the safety of Canadians. 
Under Prime Minister Stephen Harper, our Conservative Government intends to give police the tools they need, punish criminals and give greater rights to victims.
When it comes to getting tough on crime, are Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals more interested in defending the rights of criminals, or the rights of Canadians?

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