Ignatieff campaigning in high schools

Earlier this week, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff attended an event at O’Donel High School in Mount Pearl, NL. At the event, a giant banner with the logo of the partisan Spenders Conference, organized and paid for by the Liberal Party, was prominent.
This was apparently against the local school board’s own stated policy on political campaigning in schools (attached below).
Now he’s at it again today at a local high school in Winnipeg, once again promoting his partisan Spenders Conference to high-school kids. 
Ignatieff’s Liberals shouldn’t use our kids to promote their political agenda.  It just demonstrates that Ignatieff isn’t in it for Canadians. He’s just in it for himself. 
9. In general, political candidates, or their representatives, will not be permitted to campaign in school during school hours. If however, the political process is included among the curriculum outcomes of a particular grade or course, candidates may be granted access to students provided that the opportunity is extended to all political parties and/or candidates and each is given equal time to present their views in an educational context. It will be the responsibility of the school official to ensure that the presentations are suitable and respectful to the given audiences and they are conducted without any bias. 

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