Ignatieff EI spokesperson confirms that Liberals still support a 45-day work year

Michael Ignatieff has repeatedly said that bringing in a 45-day work year is his top EI reform priority. He even threatened an election over it.

This afternoon, when the 45-day work year plan in Bill C-308 came up for a vote, his EI spokesperson Mike Savage and other Liberal MPs voted in favour of it. 

But where was Michael Ignatieff?

Earlier today, under severe criticism from stakeholders such as the Canadian Federation of Independent Business, he finally admitted his longstanding plan was “fiscally irresponsible.”

Calling the Liberal/NDP/Bloc Québécois Coalition EI bill “fiscally irresponsible” is an understatement.

If ever implemented, it would cost Canadians at least $7 billion and increase premiums permanently by a whopping 35%. Like other Ignatieff tax hikes, this would kill jobs and stop our fragile economic recovery in its tracks.

So what is Michael Ignatieff’s response to this “fiscally irresponsible” plan that is his top EI reform priority? He allowed a free vote.

By not demanding his caucus vote against this bill, Michael Ignatieff is revealing that official Liberal policy remains bringing in a 45-day work year.

The difference is clear: while our Conservative Government is focused on getting Canadians back to work, the Coalition is trying to be on all sides of the issue. We know that if ever given the chance, the Ignatieff-led coalition would commit billions more in permanent government spending and EI increases at great cost to Canadian families.

This shows Ignatieff is not in it for hard working Canadians; he’s just in it for himself.

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