Ignatieff Seeks “The Canadians” (and no, we’re not talking about the hockey team)…

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff is planning a bus tour this summer.

His plan?  Ignatieff apparently told the Liberal Caucus last week that he wants to get out there and meet “the Canadians”.  (Hill Times, June 14, 2010)

You heard that right.  Canadians are such a foreign species to Ignatieff that he needs to spend the next eight to ten weeks getting to know “the Canadians” and clinically examining them in their habitat.

This is the same Michael Ignatieff who:

  • Described the Canadian flag as “a passing imitation of a beer label” (The Observer, July 8, 1990);
  • Told an interviewer that “the only thing he missed about Canada was Algonquin Park”. (Maclean’s, November 20, 2006), and said
  • That Canada was just an address of convenience – it was “the place on earth that, if I needed one, I would call home.”  (The Rights Revolution, 2000 ed.)

Michael Ignatieff’s previous statements on Canada and “the Canadians” show how out of touch he is with our country and our values.

Although we know Ignatieff prefers Provence to Penticton or Prince Edward Island, there’s no word if he has booked off time for a vacation at his summer home in the south of France this year.

When someone who’s been away from Canada for 34 years only returns to be anointed Prime Minister, you know he’s not in it for “the Canadians”.  He’s just in it for himself.

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