Message from the President

Thank you for welcoming me as your new Vancouver Centre EDA President; it truly is an honour, and I look forward to meeting, talking and campaigning with as many of you as possible.  We’re planning lots of getting-to-know-each-other events, and will be sending out invitations via this site, so keep your eyes open for what’s happening, when and where.

But first, my sincere thanks to Past President Patrick Haney, his board and his executive.  They accomplished a great deal, and turned over a strong, healthy organization for us to build on.  Well done, and thank you, all of you.

The Vancouver Centre EDA is fortunate in many ways.  We have Jennifer Clarke, our candidate of record in the May election.  She didn’t ‘run and run’; after the election, she stayed active, working hard to help us get ready. . . in case  our current  Member of Parliament decides to retire before the next election comes around.

We also have a Board that is one of the youngest, hardest-working, and most diverse in the country.  A true reflection of Vancouver Centre itself.

But that brings me to the most important issue facing this riding: re-distribution.  The face of federal politics in Vancouver is about to go through a pronounced change with the passing of the Fair Representation Act.  British Columbia will add 6 new ridings for the next election and it stands to reason Vancouver will get one of those ridings.

In 2011 Vancouver finally sent a Conservative Member of Parliament to Ottawa. Wai Young soundly defeated Ujjal Dosanjh  and became the first Vancouverite elected under the banner of the Conservative Party of Canada.  Congratulations, Wai; we’re planning on electing more Conservative MPs from Vancouver to keep you company in Ottawa.

But we all know these are uncertain times for the global economy, and Canada is not immune.  We know too, that it will take a strong Conservative management hand to keep this country healthy, balanced, and prosperous.  Our opponents are already doing their best to shape the national discussion, but their brand of irresponsible hysteria is not what the country needs now.

Canada needs to continue the steady, capable and accountable management the Harper government has been providing.  And now as a government with a majority in the House, that’s what the Conservatives will continue to provide.

So please, come out to one, many or all of the events we’re planning.  Come and talk politics with like-minded Vancouverites.  And have a good time doing it!

All the best,

Paul Tolnai, President

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