Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals Refuse to Stand up for Canadian Sealers

For generations, thousands of coastal Canadian sealers have relied on the seal hunt for income and ultimately, their livelihood. 
While Michael Ignatieff claims to support the seal hunt, he is in fact attempting to play both sides of the issue. A senior Liberal, Mac Harb, announced on Tuesday that he intends to reintroduce his bill calling for the banning of the seal hunt.
The seal hunt is a sustainable activity based on sound conservation principals. Our Canadian sealers have been a part of the hunt for generations upon generations. To them, sealing is about more than fur; they are trading numerous other products such as seal oil and meat. 
Our Canadian seal hunt represents a growing share of what is already a multi-million dollar business. In these challenging economic times, Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals are threatening those who depend on the seal hunt for their living.
The reintroduction of this bill will undermine the hunt and undercut the livelihood of sealing families.
If Michael Ignatieff truly supports Canadian Sealers, he should call on his entire caucus to stand united behind our sealers.
While Michael Ignatieff’s Liberals play politics with Canadian families, our Conservative Government is unwavering in its support for the generations of men and women who depend on this sustainable hunt.

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