Michael Ignatieff – Missing in Action on the Economy

As of today, it’s been one MONTH since Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff has bothered to pose a question about Canada’s economy in the House of Commons.  And the last time he asked a question, he proposed raising Canadians’ taxes!

Since March 29th, Ignatieff has been more focused on Taliban prisoners, supposed scandals, whipping his MPs to support the long-gun registry, and his own book tour rather than the most important issue facing Canadians – the economy.

Avoiding mentioning the economy might be a deliberate strategy for the Liberal Leader, as Canadians know about his plans for the economy.  Whether it is proposing a GST hike, promoting a carbon tax or proposing job-killing business taxes, Ignatieff’s priorities are clear.

Unlike Ignatieff and the Liberals, whose plans to raise our taxes would seriously damage Canada’s economic recovery, our Conservative government is taking action to improve our economy through Year 2 of Canada’s Economic Action Plan. We’re working hard to secure economic recovery in Canada by building jobs and growth across the country from coast to coast to coast.

Michael Ignatieff clearly has no interest in ensuring Canada’s economy emerges stronger than ever from the economic downturn.

That’s because Ignatieff isn’t in it for Canadians.  He’s just in it for himself.

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