Michael Ignatieff–All Over the Map on Spending and Deficit

When  Canada’s Economic Action Plan was first launched in January 2009, Michael Ignatieff called for billions more in stimulus spending than the Conservative Government was proposing.
Ignatieff was quoted as saying “Canada still needs more stimulus spending” (Globe and Mail, Jul. 24, 2009) and “I have a feeling that we’re going to need to do more.” (Montreal Gazette, Mar. 26, 2009)
Even after calling for more deficit spending, Ignatieff was on the record about the deficit just a few weeks ago saying “I keep telling them, it’s not my problem.” (CBC News Network, Jan. 19, 2010) 
Now Ignatieff is complaining about stimulus spending and the size of the deficit. His solution? Massive tax hikes on Canadians including possible GST hikes, Liberals musing about carbon taxes and an Ignatieff proposal to raise job-killing business taxes. 
Ignatieff says there’s not enough stimulus spending. Then he says there’s too much spending. He says the deficit is not his problem. Then he says it is. 
While Ignatieff wants to raise your taxes, our Conservative Government is focused on leading the way on building jobs and growth, ensuring a return to balanced budgets with a prudent economic plan, and ensuring Canada comes out of the global recession stronger than ever. 
Michael Ignatieff can propose all sorts of new taxes, but the only thing it proves is that he’s not in it for Canadians. He’s just in it for himself. 

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