Michael Ignatieff: All Things to All People

Michael Ignatieff’s position on policy is like the weather – wait 24 hours and it will change.

Yesterday, Michael Ignatieff said a future Liberal government would ban tanker traffic for oil sands oil in BC’s northern coastal waters.

Never mind that for decades there has been a moratorium on tanker traffic between Alaska and Washington State, and that under this longstanding agreement, U.S. tanker ships do not come within 25-70 miles of the BC coast.

But just 24 hours earlier in Edmonton, he told his audience that the oil sands provide a great benefit for the entire country and will continue to do so in the future.  “We’re going to be in a hydrocarbon future for a long time,” said Ignatieff.  (Edmonton Journal, June 20, 2010)  And one of his British Columbia MPs, Joyce Murray, has been a proponent of oil and gas development.  (New Westminster Record, Apr. 27, 2005)

This is Michael Ignatieff desperately trying to be all things to all people in a shameless attempt to score cheap political points.  Sadly, this is a pattern.  For example:

  • Ignatieff told Ontarians that he supported direct assistance for the auto sector (Toronto Star, Nov. 14, 2008) and then later told British Columbians he was opposed to it (Victoria Times-Colonist, Mar. 29, 2009);
  • Ignatieff criticized the size of the deficit, but called for even more government spending, and then later said the deficit is “not my problem.”  (Ottawa Citizen, Jan. 19, 2010); and
  • He told one group that Israel’s bombing of Hezbollah targets in Lebanon was a “war crime” but later told a Jewish group his comments were “a mistake”.  (Toronto Star, Apr. 14, 2008)

Michael Ignatieff has repeatedly been caught making contradictory promises to different audiences.

Shockingly, Ignatieff once said, “Rule number one is say the same thing in every community wherever you go and don’t tailor your message to your audience.”  (hour.ca, April 23, 2009)

Yet he has proven that if he thinks it will score him some cheap political points, Michael Ignatieff will say whatever he thinks people want to hear.

This shows yet again that Michael Ignatieff isn’t in it for Canadians.  He’s only in it for himself.

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