Michael Ignatieff Says He Doesn’t Understand Canada?

In an interview with Radio-Canada, Michael Ignatieff has finally admitted what Canadians have known all along about him.
Ignatieff said in French that Canada was “un pays très, très compliqué que j’arrive même pas à comprendre parfois.”  (source: Radio-Canada, April 1, 2010)
Translation?  Canada is “very, very complicated” and Ignatieff “can’t even understand” our country.
When you’ve been out of Canada for 34 years, when you compare our flag to a “passing imitation of a beer label”, and when you call Canada “the place on earth, if I needed one, I would call home”, it clearly demonstrates that you’re a citizen of convenience and you don’t understand Canada or Canadians.  In fact, you may be “Just Visiting”.
Speaking of being out of Canada, where HAS Michael Ignatieff been since last Wednesday?  He’s totally disappeared off the radar screen.  He’s been so invisible that milk cartons with “Missing” photos might start popping up in grocery stores.
Michael Ignatieff’s inability to understand our country demonstrates that he’s not in it for Canadians.  He’s just in it for himself.

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