Michael Ignatieff–Secretive Liberal Leader

Michael Ignatieff’s Liberal Party likes to talk about a “culture of secrecy”… except it’s their own party that has the culture of secrecy. 

First, they put out a fundraising letter calling for hundreds of dollars in “anonymous” secret donations – the same kind of Sponsorship-type fundraising that scandalised the nation and drove them from office in disgrace and humiliation.

Yesterday, Ignatieff opposed a Conservative proposal to make his own Leader’s Office, as well as all Members of Parliament and Senators, more open and transparent by requiring lobbyists to register their activities with all Parliamentarians.

Now today, when Ignatieff was asked if he would open up his appointment schedule up, he said “You can take a look.”

But minutes later, CTV News reported that one of Ignatieff’s senior advisors hummed and hawed and said there was “a bit of a collective gasp” in Ignatieff’s office when they heard what he had said. It turns out Ignatieff isn’t prepared to give up his book! (May 5, 2010)

Once again, the Liberal Party is demonstrating the highest level of hypocrisy when it comes to transparency.

It’s typical behaviour from Liberals and Michael Ignatieff who aren’t in it for Canadians.  They’re just in it for themselves.

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