Michael Ignatieff: Standing up for Berlin and Lisbon

Canada, Germany and Portugal are all seeking a single United Nations Security Council seat.

Michael Ignatieff rhetorically asked if Canada deserves a seat on the Security Council.  Answering his own question he said, “Has this government earned that place?  We’re not convinced it has.”

Ignatieff’s words, “…unmistakably ooze with his hope for Canada to fail,” said commentator Norman Spector (globeandmail.com, September 24, 2010).

“…Michael Ignatieff is apparently trying to undermine Canada’s bid for a UN Security Council seat,” said another columnist (Ottawa Citizen, September 24, 2010).

Ignatieff’s astonishing comments have even attracted the attention of the influential periodical Foreign Affairs. (Does Canada ‘deserve’ a Council seat?)

Mr. Ignatieff, Canada has certainly earned its standing on the world’s stage.

We are a major foreign aid donor.

Canada has led the way on combating AIDS and other diseases.

Our response to the catastrophe in Haiti was the most generous in the world.

Canada’s troops have fought—and died— heroically in Afghanistan against terror and for freedom, justice and democracy.

Tell them Canada hasn’t “earned” its place.

Why did Michael Ignatieff come back to Canada?

To run us down?

To attack Canada on the world stage?

He didn’t have to leave Harvard to do that.

Michael Ignatieff’s attempt to embarrass Canada shows he isn’t in it for Canadians; he’s only in it for himself.

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