Prime Minister Harper Continues his Fifth Annual Summer Tour of Canada’s North

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that Cambridge Bay, Nunavut has been chosen as the location of Canada’s new High Arctic Research Station.

The North has played a major role in shaping Canada’s identity. Throughout our history, Canadians have drawn strength from those who have showed courage and leadership in overcoming the great challenges of this vast land.

That’s why our Conservative Government has launched an ambitious four-part Northern Strategy. We are taking action for Canada’s North by: asserting and defending Canada’s sovereignty; helping to protect the unique and fragile Arctic ecosystem; developing a strong Northern economy; and encouraging good governance, local control, and opportunity for Northerners.

As part of this strategy, our new High Arctic Research Station will be a world-class, year-round, multidisciplinary facility exploring the cutting edge of our Arctic science and technology. This station will create jobs, foster economic and social development, and help us understand and protect our northern environment.

The Prime Minister has made the North a priority for our Conservative Government because Canadians care about every part of our great country.

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