Prime Minister Harper Kicks off his Fifth Annual Summer Tour of Canada’s North

On Monday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in Churchill, Manitoba, the Polar Bear Capital of the World, to kick off his fifth annual summer tour of Canada’s North.  Just after his arrival at Churchill Airport, the Prime Minister announced that our Conservative Government is investing to upgrade and improve this vital hub and gateway to Canada’s Arctic.

Canadian culture and character has been shaped by the North. We are a northern people and our history is intertwined with the experiences of those who have taken on the great challenges of this land. Our future depends on our ability and willingness to appreciate and defend it.

Prime Minister Harper is touring the North to express our commitment to improving the quality of life for families and communities in the Arctic and ensuring the North reaches its full potential through Canada’s Northern Strategy.

To bring our vision to life, Conservatives have focused on helping northern communities become more self-sufficient, healthy and safe. Our support for essential upgrades to Churchill Airport will help ensure that Canadians who rely on this remote airport will have access to necessary goods, services and opportunities.

The Canadian Arctic is a vital part of our national identity, sovereignty and economic security. The Prime Minister has made the North a priority for our Conservative Government because it is a priority for Canadians.

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